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The Member group!

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The Member group!

Post by tyrone1223 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:39 pm

Hello there, now about the Member group.

The member group is when you first enter the server you can use commands but not high command commands but good for you then.

The Member commands list

/sethome -This command set's your home on the block your standing on

/home -This command teleport's you to your home

/back -This command take's you back to your death point or back after you teleport to some place

/money -This command tell's you you

/warps -This command give's you a list of warps to warp to

/warp -This command warps you to your warping place use it like this /warp (warp name)

/msg -This command send's a private msg to a player use it like this /msg [player name] say your msg here

End list

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