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The unban appeal application form (updated)

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The unban appeal application form (updated)

Post by tyrone1223 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:48 am

This is how you need to style the unban application form when you have been banned from the server.
Title of thread:
Your_minecraft_name - Reason_for_ban
((The exact message it comes up with when you try enter the server))

Why were you banned?(In detail)
Why should we unban you?



Important information:

Through out the appeal, it helps to not accuse the moderators of being corrupt or mistaken without valid proof. Appeals with 1 line in the thread saying along the lines of "Plz unban me" will be immediately rejected.

Effort in the appeal with correct grammar (I.E. Fraction, plz, omg, ffs) always helps and makes it easier to read.

Including proof in your appeal of reasons why we MAY think you're hacking is useful.

Alt-accounting is bannable if you're already banned.. If you're banned for this, don't bother appealing.

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