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The unjail/unmute request form

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The unjail/unmute request form

Post by tyrone1223 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:41 am

So you're here to request to be unjailed/unmuted?

There maybe several reasons for your jail/mute:
Trusted not being able to ban, next solution = jail
List is endless.
So you're now feeling you either don't know what you did wrong, the punishment was too severe, you regret what you did, or they didn't set a timer on it resulting in a permanent state.
Complete this form for the aproppriate staff member to get back to you with your appeal. It's strongly advised to use correct grammar and not write less than 3 lines, though sometimes it cannot be helped. It doesn't look very strong.
Title of thread:

Why were you muted/jailed? If you're unsure, hazard a guess. If you have no clue, put N/A.
Why should we unjail/unmute you? Do you regret what you did? If you cannot answer, put N/A.
An application LIKE THIS:
Title: 05rhardy
Content: n/a, n/a
Will be likely rejected. Do your best to fill it out as much as possible. Put the word pumpkin in there to show us you read this guideline.

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